They’re back!

At least one of our breeding pair of osprey has successfully returned to Gloucester Point!

Congratulate our osprey on their successful return from South America! It’s interesting that their return is more than 2 weeks later than last year, despite our warm winter and early spring.  Anyone have any ideas what might cause a later return despite warm weather?

6 thoughts on “They’re back!

  1. This is so cool, VIMS team. And thanks for logging the nest on, the Center for Conservation Biology’s newly launched reporting site. I’d like to invite others who are following nests to become an Osprey-Watcher too!

  2. I’ve noticed the stationary pose as well. The bird is facing a nearby highway, and as far as I can tell, watching the passing traffic. He or she (I haven’t yet been able to determine if its the male or female) has spent probably 90% of the time since returning looking toward the highway, rather than the waters of the York River on the other side of the nest. If he or she would face the other way, it would also be easier to tell the sex!

    • Always enjoyed this nest!

      Osprey has been standing at the top of the nest, looking outward. It has been at the same position for over an hour. Possibly defending the nest?

      Does anyone know if this is one of the returning pair from last year???

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